Policy &
  • All team members must sign a liability waiver prior to all investigations.

  • No eating, drinking, or smoking while on an investigation.

  • Please respect the environment.

  • No "horse-play" at any investigation. Please remain professional at all times.

  • Never investigate alone.  There will be a 2 person minimum for safety reasons.

  • When performing an outdoor investigation, such as a cemetery, please try to get there at some
    point during light hours to familiarize yourself with the grounds and potential hazards.

  • Each team member is to be treated with courtesy and respect, regardless of level of expertise.

  • Please dress accordingly to the site location and the weather.

  • Prior to taking a digital photo, alert others around you by stating "flash".

  • Please be mindful of others conducting an E.V.P. recording session.

  • Avoid photography while there are adverse weather conditions- rain, mist, etc.

  • Always bring back-up batteries as paranormal activity is known to drain energy from batteries.

  • Your equipment is your sole responsibility.

  • Remember, we are a diverse group of individuals with various beliefs and backgrounds.  
    However, we all have something in common and that is an interest in the paranormal.